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Virtual Teller Machine---A600

Virtual Teller Machine---A600

Products Features:

Full functional Mini-Branch
Contactless IC card Payment
Self-service IC Card issuer
Ticket Vendor
A4 documentation Print and Scanning
1D/2D Bar code reader
Remote Assistance by Video service
Electronic contracting
Financial contract
Full functional Mini-Branch

Products Details


Convenient Application, Eliminating Machine Fear, Easy User Interface

■ Optional contactless IC card reader and biometric technology, a comprehensive alternative to the traditional magnetic stripe cards and cryptographic techniques, giving cardholders a truly easy user experience. Cardholders no longer have to worry about bank card swallowed up by the machine or a orgotten password situation. They can easily access the secured services by tapping their contactless card and touching the biometric fingerprint reader . This new user experience has brought great convenience to the people with busy lifestyle. Service providers can also save plenty of education time to delivery service to the elderly people and mass market with satisfaction.

Interactive video assistance offers consulting, Better User Engagement

■ Leveraging the build-in video intercom system, service providers can increase the overall quality of the service. Customers can easily use the system to get comprehensive consulting services. By integrating the new communication channel, service providers can create new service model to transform the traditional way of user engagement

Multi-application Transactional Terminal with the card-issuing system

■ Besides providing the cash withdrawals, deposits and other basic services of the banking ATM, the Multi-application Transactional Terminal comes with a debit card and credit card payment facilities and card-issuing component. With the system running on a high-speed ADSL broadband network, it can help service providers and billing organizations offering user extensive range of applications.
Services available to be included:
-Bill and Fine Payments
-Facilities and service booking
-Ticketing and collection
-Prepaid card top-up -Advertisement and
service promotions
-Card/Coupon issuing

360-degree security solution

■ Secure payment has always been the focus of concern of the cardholder. A 360- degree security solution can make a tangible difference to a payment system.The system provides secure features from the whole mechanical structure,physical, electronic, and software such as a full range of protection, especially for cash, cards, passwords and other critical processing unit. Seamless operation panel monitoring device, comprehensive system to detect margin card device, the presence of wireless cameras illegal module, provide a secure operating environment and interface to the cardholders.

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